Summer winds blasted regularly by a small, rocky island has become a popular venue for a holiday in the Mediterranean. Why? Mykonos is a lifestyle as well as a place. Tasteful and crazy, it is tolerant of alternative lifestyles. Gay visitors and nude sunbathing is a place where those who want to visit Mykonos is also almost twenty-four hour shopping in boutiques and designers who want to make a day overflowing with trendy place filled with famous faces from the club until it was light. The island retains a surprising way, the Greek characters. Mykonos Town is one of the Aegean’s most beautiful town. Island families as well as to the rich, it will only appeal to travelers and backpackers. It is a step to the sacred island of Delos, with archaeological treasures, but only those who want to deliver himself in the sun has a unique beach.

Mykonos town is where the only major settlement on the island. He is still anchored to the shore and founded the fishing harbor where a small fleet cheery wave of selling their catch on a sprawling land. Probably the island’s mascot, Petros the Pelican (there are two apprentices aged Petros Petrou and again called ciphertext) badi badi walking between engines, you can find delicious fish while waiting for their share. Next to the harbor, old fashion photographer with a background favored, but pleasant, there is a round domed Paraportiani Church.

Behind the harbor, a maze of narrow streets filled with pots and bougainvilleas, whitewashed houses with balconies are located. The art galleries on every corner, you can find restaurants and fashion jewelry, but the streets in the early hours of the morning will be yours alone; You can take pleasure from every detail of beautiful Cycladic architecture in this way. Cool courtyards are hidden behind brightly painted doors, stone paths are determined by the narrow streets of white paint.

Small cove on the northern border of the town’s maritime whammy draws Venetian balconies. Alefkandr Quarter or “Little Venice” district, known as the evening sun goes down you can go to something to drink or eat a nice meal by the sea. Here, you will see the five windmills lined up in a row above the town.

If you walk north towards the commercial port of the fishing harbor, where segilen traditional Greek household items, you get a small public museum. Just next to interesting archaeological museum it is located adjacent to the southern bus station. Delos burial artifacts on display, as well as sculptures and other pieces from Rineia the burial of residents is worth a visit.

Mykonos arid and dusty interior areas. Uniform views only spoil buildings, scattered on the slopes of more than 300 small, white chapel. The island is the center of worship Tourliani red-roofed monastery with bell tower dating from the 16th century. This monastery is the center of the village of Ano Mera in the island’s inland; The peaceful village, you can eat a delightful lunch in the small square.

Mykonos beach, bohemian terms of efficiency St. Tropez is in rekatbet with, but many beaches you can find a place by yourself and there are set. Clothing freedom of Paradise Beach is one of the most famous beach with music continuing until the early hours of the morning. It is a beach located in the bay where the next Super-Paradise demand from gays. Families usually Platis Gialos or Psarouda to go but here they can be extremely crowded. More eastern Elia and Agia Anna is a bit wider.