istanbul seyahat bus

Istanbul Seyahat established by Abit Tırış and started to serve in transport sector in 1940 with first voyage from Samsun Çarşamba to Giresun Alucra. Talip Tırış took place of his father in 1975 and after establishment of Istanbul Anadolu Station he start to serve between Istanbul and Çorlu in Trakya. In the same years he organized transports to some Europian Countries. As the third generation Selami Tırış start to organize voyages to the coastline of Turkey to Mediterranean, Eagean and Blacksea by giving a big impotrance with quality in service. In 2002, the company made a lot works on institutionalization while the sector was groving and at final it named Istanbul Seyahat Turizm Ticaret A.Ş. After important steps on Tourism at the end of 2005 it named as STT ISTANBUL TRAVEL. By providing Home-Abroad Flight tickets and being an agency of ETS Tours, the company started to serve with many offices in Istanbul and Trakya.. Also since 2008 company organized more voyages to Burgas-Varna-Sumen and carried same qualified services which the company served in home to Bulgaria. Always had a great understanding about the principle ‘passenger is guest’ and cared about quality, confident, time and tried to make better. Today Istanbul Seyahat continue to serve with 250 online ticket sales offices and 750 personnels in transport sector in Turkey.